Joint Stock Company “Tbilisi branch of electric stock repair plant (JSC “Tbilisi branch ZREPS”) was founded in 1996 with the participation of two shareholders: Transport Company of Tbilisi City Hall (50%) and Moscow electric stock repair plant (50% share of stock).

The main activity of JSC “Tbilisi branch ZREPS” is to carry out major repairs and modernization of subway cars for the capital city Metro, as well as the subways of Armenia and Azerbaijan.

The company is proud of the strong results of its activity achieved over twenty years. And, generally speaking, all that is thanks to the specialists of high professional and technical levels, as well as top managers. Currently, a team of “Tbilisi branch ZREPS” has a staff of 130 people.

The following results have been achieved since the founding of “the Tbilisi branch ZREPS”:

– Were refurbished and modernized subway cars type 81-717; 81-714; Emma and EJ-3, that is 316 units in total, including 14 cars – KR-1; 109 cars – KR-2; 193 cars – KR-2 with modernization;

– Renovated after major overhaul 4 units AGM, 117 units of DK-117 traction motors;

– Assembled 60 pieces of new body framings, on 14 of which were welded unconventional cracks that allowed the company to obtain the copyrights to this technology;

– Improved rear suspension design on the 150 “Bogdan” type buses.

The company does not stop on the progress made and continues its dynamic development. Since 2005 JSC “Tbilisi branch ZREPS” has been taking a series of measures to improve the quality of work, taking into account the increased demand of consumers, producing for them modern, safe, and comfortable means of transport. Special attention on the part of the company’s management is paid to improving the technical and fire safety, reducing operating costs, and improving working conditions for locomotive crews.

Since 2010 JSC “Tbilisi branch ZREPS” has been actively developing international cooperation and has achieved in this direction the following results:

– Assembled 60 new body framings for Yerevan Metro;

– Renovated and modernized 12 head cars type 81-717, and 18 of 81-714 secondary-type subway cars for Baku.