81-717, 81-717.5, 81-714, 81-714.5

Full technical performance of data description for modernization works of metro cars types

Purposes & Goals

The purpose of 81-717; 81-717.5; 81-714 and 81-714.5 types of metro cars capital repairs and modernization is based on the suggestion for passengers of modern, reliable and comfortable vehicle, increase in technical and fire safety level, reduce of operating costs and improvement of working condition for loco staff. The program involves cars’ capital repair, which in its turn ensures the recovery of cars’ main technical performance and, simultaneously, the whole line of joints’ deep modernization, through the involvement of technological innovation, aiming on cars’ reliability, dynamical performance and comfort improvement.

  1. Cars’ capital repairs shall be delivered in accordance with the “Guidelines for repair ЦМетро-4592”. It shall be provided recovery of operating performance and composed aggregates, joints and components proper work throughout their service life.
  2. The wheel-sets shall be repaired in accordance with the “Regulations on survey, inspection, repair and formation of electric train wheel-sets” (St. Petersburg, 1999).
  3. Cars’ bogies shall be replaced by new, the tenon-type frames;
  4. The joints of gear wheel-set suspension – earrings, suspension bolts and roller bearings shall be replaced with new ones;
  5. Besides replacement of the cardan coupling all the cardan joints shall be replaced with new ones;
  6. The stalling valve with its base (bracket) shall be replaced with new ones;
  7. Doors’ air-dispensers shall be replaced with new ones;
  8. Receiving coils of Automatic Speed Control (АРС) system shall be replaced with new ones;
  9. The train alarm shall be replaced with a new one;
  10. Electrical measuring devices shall be replaced with new ones;
  11. The air-gauges shall be replaced with new ones;
  12. The filters of the forced cab ventilation circuit shall be replaced with new ones;
  13. The collector-beam-frame (bracket) shall be replaced by a new one;

Head cars 81-717, 81-717.5

  1. The design of the driving cab shall be replaces with the new, modern design. The front part shall be made of plastic elements, finished by steel construction and with a single viewing windshield glass, which shall provide a wide range of view;
  2. The front part shall be equipped with the digital desk-board of Georgian production (top), rear-view mirrors, four headlights and the red taillights. The red taillights shall be placed near the top of the digital desk-board. Their control shall be carried out independently from driver’s cab, and it shall be provided an opportunity of controlling from the cab.
  3. The surface of mirrors shall be flat (not convex);
  4. The windshield glass shall be equipped with a wiper and sun-shading device. The water supply to the windshield wiper shall be brought by the independent system from wiper, where shall be independently installed a water mini-tank and stand there.
  5. Ceiling, floor, walls and doors of the cab shall be finished by the flame-resistant, sound-absorbing, modern insulation material;
  6. There shall be installed a new soft and convenient armchair, equipped with vibration isolation device in the drivers cab;
  7. In the cab there shall be installed a new control desk “ПM-07” with the brake valve, controller and control-measurement devices on, which, along with the desk decline, provide easy operating and controlling ability;
  8. The control-desk-frame shall be covered with powder-pigmented dye on epoxy base, providing resilience of the covered surfaces;
  9. The control-measurement devices (pressure gauges, a-meters, voltmeters) shall be located in a single control desk unit;
  10. Instead of the driver controller “КВ-70” on the control-desk-frame, it shall be installed the compact contactless controller БКМ;
  11. There shall be installed the headlight switch on the control-desk-frame with an opportunity of long- and short-range lighting;
  12. Control desk shall be equipped with a control light of the brake condition;
  13. On the left side of the control desk there shall be installed with the protective cover and possibility to be sealed the backup controller, which shall be operated by the reverser handle;
  14. There shall be an opportunity of the indirect control for cab heating stoves, but their “on” status shall be controlled by light on the control desk;
  15. Power supply blocks for headlights, digital desk, route indicators, wiper and red taillights shall be located in the cab section;
  16. On the left lower side of the windshield glass there shall be installed digital route indicator, with a possibility of the autonomous on/off power.
  17. There shall be installed three-pin battery switch in the cabin;
  18. There shall be installed a controlling a-meter of the batteries charge.
  19. Electric scheme of car shall provide backup control by motor-compressors on all cars;
  20. The car shall be equipped with a new digital speedometer;
  21. In the cab shall be installed controlling automats by the same level on the wall section behind the driver and functionally shall be located due to the reference №1 of the modernization technical design terms;
  22. The wall section with automats shall be provided by a removable cover;
  23. The coupler shall be lengthened toward the cab, so that the lengthening allows connection of head cars to each other and their problem-less operations while driving in underground ways, including passages of the maximum curves;
  24. Around the whole perimeter of the cab shall be installed such steps and handles, which allow safe transition from the cab doors to the opposite side;
  25. Opening of the interior compartment’s doors shall be possible without door hanging of hatches;

Intermediate cars 81-714, 81-714.5

  1. Behind the last seat on the left of the car shall be installed a resistor-diode-operating-desk with the new diodes and resistors;
  2. As it’s in the head car, it shall be installed a battery switch in the sections. The doors of the section shall be made of impact-resistant material;
  3. The cover of control-measurement devices shall be made of transparent Plexiglas. Devices shall be located near to the glass in order to be easily able to readout without removing the cover.

Head and intermediate cars

  1. Cars traction circuit shall be equipped with the power regulating and controlling electronic system;
  2. Instead of the rheostat controller, on the car shall be installed power’s current regulator РНТ;
  3. Instead of the position-contactor-switch on the car shall be installed the electronic-position-switch ЭПП of traction engines;
  4. For working in running and braking mode instead of the thyristor controller shall be installed the regulator of the traction-engines-excitation-field РПТ;
  5. Instead of the thyristor regulator control unit and relay-contactor control unit it shall be installed the power electronic control unit БУТП on the car;
  6. It shall be installed the modernized unit of contactors БКУ on the car on the rear section of the cabin;
  7. It shall be installed the modernized relay control unit with new, small-sized relays;
  8. The additional current a-meters for I and III engines shall be installed on the car, which shall be located close to each other.
  9. There shall be installed modernized unit of starting resistances and inductive shunts on the car;
  10. Instead of the own-power-consumption-unit on the car shall be installed additional power source ДИП-01К, which shall provide batteries charging and feeding of car’s power circuits;
  11. In case of failure or damage to additional power source ДИП-01К, the relevant indicator shall be switched on the car’s board;
  12. Instead of alkaline batteries on the car shall be installed maintenance-free type of accumulator battery;
  13. Instead of the existing piston compressor on the car shall be installed screw type AC asynchronous type motor-compressor, being controlled by an electronic phase shifter (inverter);
  14. It shall be installed on the car the protective-automat-switch of rapid response URJ6-31 for power circuit;
  15. It shall be installed speed automatic control equipment АРС on the car, new, modernized equipment with duplication of all the incoming in unit signals in real time, with recording and saving function (on-board registrar БАРС-М);
  16. It shall be provided all the necessary modernization works for the traction engines, in accordance with Annex №3;
  17. In case of necessity, based on the act of the identified defects, for traction engines shall be provided additional modernization works in accordance with Annex №4;
  18. Modernization of car’s interior shall be done in accordance with modern standards, with the use of top quality, inflammable and flame-retardant materials;
  19. The walls of interior shall be covered by inflammable, light-colored material (fiberglass);
  20. The interior ceiling shall be covered with inflammable, light-colored material;
  21. Floor coating cabin shall be replaced with a high-quality, inflammable linoleum;
  22. In the cabin shall be installed the new, fireproof, resistant to damage seats;
  23. On the interior ceiling shall be installed lamps of modern type and design based on light-emitting diodes with start-regulating electronic device. Interior light fixtures shall be made of shatter-proof, heat-resistant and light transparent material, which remains its color and flexibility during exploitation process;
  24. For the sliding doors a new suspension mechanism shall be provided with the possibility of damping in extreme positions;
  25. To be painted surfaces shall be processed with the modern, high-quality primer and putty;
  26. The car body, metal components and parts shall be painted with the dye of top quality. Without worsening to quality the protective layer of the dye shall provides the steady performance not less, than 4 years period;
  27. Passports of new equipment and units (ДИП, screw motor-compressors, the APC unit, etc.) shall be handed over to Customer simultaneously with the car delivery-acceptance;
  28. There shall be installed modern type of survey video cameras, both into the interior and outside perimeter, which are controlled from the set in driver’s cab monitors and memory processors. In addition, in passengers compartment shall be installed video monitors with anti-vandal boxes (4 units on each car).